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What Can I Learn From the E-Book?
Finding Private Locums is a guide to private locum tenens.  It is an invaluable resource for any person considering locum tenens as a temporary measure or as a career.
Also included: Helpful Links; MDPA Locums, Inc. Advertisement and Biographies; Sample Contract; Sample Statement; Sample Nephrology Questionnaire; Ideas for What to Do with Your Extra Time; Ideas for RV and Boat Provisions; and Travel and Arrival Checklists.
A $49.95 investment in yourself.

Finding Private Locums is a PDF file---download it straight to your computer.

The e-book does not require an Amazon Kindle or other electronic book device to read!
Advantages and Disadvantages of Locums
Insight Into What Agencies Do and Do NOT Do For You
Advertising and Job-Hunting Tips
How to Calculate Your Worth
Locums as a Business: Organization, Record-Keeping, & Deductions
The Essentials of Contract-Making: What to Cover
Accounting, Tax, & Pension Issues
Housing and Travel Ideas
Malpractice Considerations
Much More!
Product Detail
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